The need for Shepherds

Sunday 11/24/19 Series: Walking the Talk Message – The need for Shepherds [powerpress] The need for Shepherds We are going to begin by comparing two New Testament churches which existed on the polar opposites of the spectrum when it comes to the need for correction & discipline. The Philippian church which was the “model church” of the New Testament to whom Paul gave no warnings or correction in regard to character (save the need to settle a few disputes) and then the Ephesian church which was loaded with difficulty which we spent the majority of our time with. The reason […]

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Without Mercy

Wednesday 11/20/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Without Mercy [powerpress] Without Mercy Ok, I know the title is anything but inviting but this is actually more about mercy than it is about a lack of it. Granted, the passage in our first chapter tonight speaks of God hardening the hearts of kings in the land of Canaan that He might show them no mercy and kill them all – but there is MUCH more to the story and it is one of patience, goodness, kindness and forbearance. MANY Christians have been faced with antagonism from the world by questioning […]

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Content Sheep

Healthy & Content Pt. 2

Sunday 11/17/19 Series: Walking the Talk Message – Healthy & Content Pt. 2 [powerpress] Healthy & Content I knew the basic idea of where the Lord was leading us last week, but it wasn’t until I listened to the message that I was even able to offer a title.  After hearing it, and spending time with the Lord concerning it I received more clarity as to where the Lord was leading us and the title “Healthy & Content” sprang to mind. I’d been seeking the Lord, kinda piecemeal over the course of some time regarding where we were spiritually as […]

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Healthy Content sheep

Healthy & Content

Sunday 11/10/19 Series: Walking the Talk Message – Healthy & Content [powerpress] Healthy & Content We are nearing the end of another year and I find myself asking, as I often do, is this having any impact. Are the lessons I am teaching and the direction I am leading us producing in you the changes I sense need to take place? This year we have been focused largely on walking the talk and recently we’ve been looking at how necessary it is to develop a living fellowship with the Holy Spirit in order to effectively live the Christian life – […]

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Earth stood still

The Day the Earth stood still

Wednesday 11/06/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – The Day the Earth stood still! [powerpress] Joshua 8:1-35,  Three main points right off the bat. “(1) The LORD said to Joshua,  “Do not be afraid or discouraged.” – No Fear (Phil 4) “Take the whole military force with you and go attack Ai.” – Many times God has Israel take only a few into battle this time He has them take all into battle. He does both for similar reasons. Faith & Humility. God is ALWAYS teaching us. Just like Deut. 8 tells us, “Pay attention to the WAY God leads […]

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