Suffering Joy

Suffering…Who for the Joy!

Sunday 03/29/20 Series: Do we Really Believe? Message – Suffering…Who for the Joy! Share this:   Suffering & Glory This week we are continuing in our series on “Do we REALLY believe?” We have been learning for some time about how our actions prove our belief. James challenges those who think one can enter into a relationship with God of knowing and believing without a fundamental and ONGOING life change by saying, “someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without works, and I will show you faith from my works.  (20) Foolish man! […]

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Suffering & Glory

Sunday 03/22/20 Series: Do we Really Believe? Message – Suffering & Glory Share this: Suffering & Glory This is a bit of an odd introduction, but as I was studying this topic, which is one of the first I’d ever fully studied out and learned on my own apart from any of my teachers, I was reminded of three stories which, in one way, could not be more different and in another, could not be more similar. The first is biblical and it depicts our future, and the second two I will introduce later on.  The biblical one is where […]

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Deliver me

Deliver me in Your Righteousness

Wednesday 03/18/20  Message – Deliver me in Your Righteousness [powerpress] ***Video is HERE*** Share this: Psalm 31 Jamieson-Fausset & Brown The prayer of a believer in time of deep distress. In the first part, cries for help are mingled with expressions of confidence. Then the detail of griefs engrosses his attention, till, in the assurance of strong but submissive faith, he rises to the language of unmingled joyful trust and exhorts others to like love and confidence towards God. Psa 31:1-24 NKJV Many Psalms are clearly written in the past tense, reflecting back on events of need where God intervened. […]

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Spirit's Work

Christ in you…the Spirit’s Work

Sunday 03/15/20 Series: Do we Really Believe? Message – Christ in you..the Spirit’s Work Share this:   Christ in you..the Spirit’s Work Last week we learned that Jesus has been made unto us Wisdom from God…and righteousness, sanctification & redemption. What this means to us is this: As the wisdom of God – Jesus IS the revelation to the world and THAT revelation is that union with God as a human is possible and that LIFE is found only in Jesus. THIS IS GOD’S TESTIMONY and WISDOM. As our righteousness – Jesus becomes our RIGHT-THINKING. As our sanctification – He […]

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People eyes

People did what was right in their own eyes

Wednesday 03/11/20 Series: Thru the Bible Message – People did what was right in their own eyes Share this:     Thru the Bible: Judges 17-21 People did what was right in their own eyes Judges 17-21 Now this is a set of uncomfortable and difficult chapters. Uncomfortable because of the lack of decency and morality within them which go from the sketchy to down right abominable. Difficult because we again, encounter a method of writing which is always a little off-putting in that chronology is thrown to the wind. A great modern example most people are familiar with is Star […]

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