I believe

Do I REALLY believe?

Sunday 06/14/20 Series: Do we REALLY believe? Download – THOUGHTS & QUESTIONS Share this: Do I REALLY believe? It’s already been a long road since we started at the beginning of this year, but it all ties together into one thought. The difficulty is really language…we get lost in it! God has made language so robust that many words are used for the same idea, but each one can explore and reveal different aspects of it. Over time it can get confusing if all you are doing is memorizing rather than learning the concepts – understanding the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’.  […]

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Saul David

Saul & David

Wednesday 06/10/20  Series: Thru the Bible Message – Saul & David [powerpress] ***Video is HERE*** Share this: Thru the Bible: 1Samuel 20-25 1 Samuel 20:1-42,  The relationship Jonathan and David had was special and pure. Many have attempted to to assign filthy homosexual intentions in their relationship but such was not the case. God knit these two men’s hearts together in a covenant friendship where the love one had for the other was the type of love God commanded in His law should exist between all His covenant children. To love others AS you love yourself. That is the exact […]

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With all your Heart

Sunday 06/07/20 Series: Do we REALLY believe? Message – With all your Heart Share this: With all your Heart Last week we learned more about the salvation of the soul, which is the work of the Holy Spirit within the believer, causing them to will and do after God’s good pleasure. Romans says we were known by God to be His children from eternity past, that He invited us to come, once we responded by viewing our knees in faith to His Son Jesus we were Justified, we were and are being sanctified which is the process of forming Christ […]

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A Kings Envy

Wednesday 06/03/20  Series: Thru the Bible Message – A King’s Envy [powerpress] ***Video is HERE*** Share this: Thru the Bible: 1Samuel 16-19 The lessons we learn from Saul are very hard and relevant to EVERY ONE of us. King Saul was not entirely a bad guy or king…at first. It was the same human tenancies we all have of concern of what other think about us, pride when confronted over doing wrong and when someone under you and younger than you exceeds you in your area of expertise. These were the sins of Saul – but the real lessons are […]

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Soul salvation

Soul Salvation

Sunday 05/31/20 Series: Do we REALLY believe? Message – Soul Salvation Share this: Soul Salvation In our series of “Do we REALLY believe?” we’ve been talking about entering into the sufferings of Christ. We’ve discovered that those sufferings take on three primary forms. Saying no to our flesh and it’s sinful tenancies. Trials God in His sovereignty approves for His purposes. Temptations, oppositions, persecutions and afflictions from the world. Now, one thing I failed to mention last week but which I placed on the website that is very important is that God NEVER TEMPTS ANYONE! But as I told you […]

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