Deborah Prophetess Judge

Deborah…a Mother in Israel

Wednesday 02/05/20 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Deborah…a Mother in Israel Share this:     As we progress through the book of Judges a few things will become clear. God is faithful, true and just. In fact without God those very words have NO clear definition for they find their definitions in His character. Man’s tendency is that of unfaithfulness towards God, belief in lies and a heart attuned towards injustice. Power, authority come from and are within the complete control of God. God is merciful – meaning full of compassion and tender hearted.  God pities man because man does […]

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True Worship

The Heart of True Worship

Sunday 02/02/20 Series: Do we Really Believe? Message – The Heart of True Worship Share this:   The Heart of True Worship We’ve kicked off the new year with the question –  Do we Really believe?  We’ve done this, knowing that true belief is ALWAYS accompanied with actions. Thus the question we’ve been asking ourselves – “How am I living like I believe His words are true?” Now, over the past four weeks we’ve had the following messages illustrating and enforcing these truths and their implications: In our Midst – where we covered that Jesus is walking amidst His global […]

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Introduction Judges

Introduction to Judges

Wednesday 01/29/20 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Introduction to Judges Share this on Twitter:   Judges 1:1-36, In Joshua we saw that there was ground that various tribes did not completely take as well as additional land that was going to be given them, that they only needed to remain obedient to Him and love Him so that God will continue to deliver the nations into their hands. If they did not, but mingled with them and married into their people and worship their gods – God would no longer be with them to defeat their enemies. Instead those […]

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Worship walk

Worship is how you Walk

Sunday 01/26/20 Series: Do we Really Believe? Message – Worship is how you Walk Share this on Twitter:   Worship is how you Walk A few weeks ago I presented you with a question which I told you we should NEVER again fail to ask whenever our hearts are exposed to His Word – especially when it is here in His house as a church body. Now many in today’s world will challenge the fact that the LOCAL assembly is God’s house – claiming that is old Covenant and that now WE are His temple. Well this is not an […]

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Joshua Review

The Book of Joshua…a Review

Wednesday 01/22/20 Series: Thru the Bible Message – The Book of Joshua…a Review Share this on Twitter:   A word concerning the man… Historically Joshua has always lived in the shadow of Moses – but only in man’s eyes. In God’s eyes Joshua was His faithful servant who carried the torch and the banner where Moses had to leave off. It may have been Moses who God trusted to deliver His people out of Egypt and bring them safely to the mouth of the Promised Land, but it was Joshua who led them in and caused them to take it […]

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