Not as others Grieve

Sunday 05/03/20 Series: Do we REALLY believe? Message – Not as others Grieve Share this: Not as others Grieve The other day we lost one in our assembly who’d literally been with us from the beginning. This sort of thing hits small home churches different than it does huge churches because we all know each other intimately. So naturally, there is both a need for and leverage enough to address the topic. Death is NOT something any healthy person longs for, but it also something which Christians do not fear and in some ways look forward to. In the words […]

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Owe Love

Owe only Love

Sunday 04/26/20 Series: Do we REALLY believe? Message – Owe Only Love! Share this: Owe only Love! About 3 weeks ago we were looking at Christ being formed in us as we enter into the fellowship of His sufferings.  This lined up perfectly with Good Friday & Easter, and then last week we addressed our need to not be easily troubled about the signs of the times since we are just at the very beginning of troubles. In the passages we covered regarding the return of the Lord and the events which would lead up to that was the continual […]

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Faithfulness Love

God’s Love & Faithfulness

Wednesday 04/22/20  Series: For Edification… Message – God’s Love & Faithfulness Share this: The Love & Faithfulness of God While I was seeking the Lord about what to do tonight with a request I had been given for a lighter message of encouragement. I felt the Lord tell me to read the passages of scripture from the Psalms which I had told you corresponded to the book of Exodus to Judges, with some encouraging notes along the way. This reminded me of what Paul had told a young Timothy, who was appointed over the church of Ephesus for a time, […]

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Easily Troubled

Don’t be easily Troubled

Sunday 04/19/20 Series: Do we REALLY believe? Message – Don’t be easily Troubled! Share this: Don’t be easily Troubled! Don’t be soon shaken! You know, sheep are very timid animals and super easily shaken..that is unless they are in the presence of a shepherd who they know is with them and with love watches over them. He IS their safe place – even when the wolf is on the prowl. But our Lord has told us to not fear – to not let our hearts be troubled – for we have not been given a spirit of timidity or fear, […]

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together with Him

…together with Him!

Sunday 04/12/20 Series: Resurrection Sunday 2020 Message – …together with Him! Share this:   …together with Him! Happy Resurrection Sunday! Our Lord has proven man can live in perfect union with God. He was subjected to every weakness we have, tempted in every manner as we – yet maintained 100% unbroken devotion to God. His heart was without rebellion, in complete compliance with the Father. His flesh was without sin and His blood untainted by death. In surrender to the Father, having fought and won the hardest battle any man will ever endure in the Garden – He carried His […]

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