God with us

God has been with us

Wednesday 04/24/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – God has been with us – Deut. 2b-3 God has been with us! Chapter 2b: “(26) So I sent messengers with an offer of peace to Sihon king of Heshbon from the Wilderness of Kedemoth, saying, (27) ‘Let us travel through your land; we will keep strictly to the highway. We will not turn to the right or the left. (28) You can sell us food in exchange for silver so we may eat, and give us water for silver so we may drink. Only let us travel through on foot, (29) […]

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Suffering resurrecting

Suffering & Resurrecting with Jesus

Sunday 04/21/19 Series: Easter 2019 Message – Suffering & Resurrecting with Jesus [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Suffering & Resurrecting with Jesus Easter Sunday Easter Sunday is largely focused upon the resurrection of Christ…and rightly so, since Paul said in 1 Cor. 15 that if Christ is not risen then our faith if futile and we are still in our sins. So resurrecting with Jesus IS a foundational doctrine of Christian faith. Without the hope of resurrecting with Him, our faith is worthless. Let’s turn and read that passage 1Cor. 15:16-26, HCSB “(16) For if the dead are not raised, […]

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Israel Sovereignty

Israel and the Sovereignty of God

Wednesday 04/17/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Israel & the Sovereignty of God – Deut. 2 Part 1 Israel and the Sovereignty of God Chapter 2: You may remember that I told you to pay attention to the following two things while we were going through the book of Numbers: MANY of the people Israel were going to encounter in their wanderings were family. As is clearly stated in Acts 17 – GOD is the One Who determines what land is owned by what people, the specific boundaries of their habitation and how long they are alloted permission to […]

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Faith and Suffering

Sunday 04/14/19 Series: Walking the Talk Message – Faith and Suffering [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Faith and Suffering What the Father has prepared for us Psalm 119:9, “How can I make my way clean? By guiding it after Your Word. I have sought You with all my heart; don’t let me wander (or drift away) from Your commands.” The English Standard version says, “by Guarding it according to Your Word.” The primary work of the Kingdom…the work our Master/Nobleman & Lord has commissioned us with a stewardship to do is – Good works springing from a heart conformed to […]

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On the Banks of this Jordan

Wednesday 04/10/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Deuteronomy 1 – On the Banks of this Jordan On the Banks of this Jordan Okay…well it’s become a bit of a tradition to begin each new book in the Bible with an overview from The Bible Project. This group of dedicated men and women have made engaging, eye-catching, fast paced videos which provide a 10,000 foot view of each book in the Bible. While we do not always 100% agree with all that is said, we have found them to be both helpful, enjoyable and insightful! Our church is NOT affiliated […]

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