What manner of persons should we be?

Sunday 01/20/19 Series: Walking the Talk Message – What manner of persons should we be? [powerpress] Click HERE for Video What manner of persons should we be? In keeping with our beginning focus of the year, I’m thing to teach on a parable Jesus taught about the kingdom.   The take aways did today is to examine yourselves in the light of these passages. Not being overly harsh nor too lenient, but allowing the Holy Spirit to do His inner work in you. Taking the words of God to shed light on our areas of darkness. So the first takeaway […]

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Questions Healing

Questions about Healing – From the Archives

Original Series: …And He Healed them all Message: Questions about Healing.mp3 Key Text: II Samuel 12:1-24 I Kings 14:1-13, 17 John 9:1-3 John 6 Overview: To begin with we revisited one of the questions which was addressed on Sunday morning, “Do some things just happen? If parents loose a baby during delivery, is that the fault of the parents or does it sometimes just happen?” This is a touchy question, but one that deserves the light of scripture to shine upon it and address some very tough issues. We showed that in scripture we see that either “could be true” and […]

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A Righteous Perspective

Sunday 01/06/19 Series: Training in Righteousness Message – A Righteous Perspective [powerpress] Click HERE for Video A Righteous Perspective “Though a righteous man falls seven times, he will get up, but the wicked will stumble into ruin.” Prob. 24:16 As I told you in our annual Church Christmas card insert…this year is about exercising what we know. Babies will put just about anything in their mouths and just about anything will fly out of them as well…but as maturing Christians we are to become more discerning not only about what we eat, but where and why. Hebrews 5 tells that […]

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Honor Authority

Honor & Authority – Thru the Bible

Wednesday 01/02/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Honor & Authority – Numbers 17-18 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Honor & Authority – Thru the Bible Numbers 17-18 Numbers 17 HCSB “(1) The LORD instructed Moses: (2) “Speak to the Israelites and take one staff from them for each ancestral house, 12 staffs from all the leaders of their ancestral houses. Write (probably carve or engrave) each man’s name on his staff. (3) Write Aaron’s name on Levi’s staff, because there must be one staff for the head of each ancestral house. (4) Then place them in the tent of meeting in […]

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Don’t be Chicken!

This is a picture of one of my chickens… (former chickens God rest her little soul). I’m sorry for the graphic nature of the image but it serves to make a point. My nephew moved 8 chickens onto his new property adjacent to mine a few weeks back, and I have become a sort of Shepherd to the “flock”. Every time they see me or hear me whistle they come waddling to me as fast as they can, hoping to receive some edible token of my affection. It’s funny how animals of all sorts can work their way into your […]

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