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Sunday’s main service is NOT held on Sunday due to rigorously held dogma but in respect to the holiness of the Sabbath day as declared by God before mankind fell. We worship on “Sunday” out of convenience because we believe Jesus’ words which teach us, “Man was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath for man.”

We use this day as the day we press forward as a community of believers into Biblical teachings which our leaders believe God is immediately guiding us into for our maturity and Spiritual growth. We do not have Sunday night services in part due to the fact that we do not want time constraints to dictate our worship.

As a community of grace we are interested in ministering to others, outside our immediate assembly and encourage others to participate in our lessons and grow with us.


16 Jul

  Sunday 07/16/17  Series: Doers of the Word Message – Relationship   Click HERE for Video *** Handout Questions & Assignment *** Relationship This week we are going to do three things in this message… Review the 3 major points from last week Introduce 2 new passage and one point Present a challenge and assignment   […]