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The Menorah

07 Mar

  Wednesday 03/07/18  Message – The Menorah Series: Thru the Bible – Exodus ***Video is HERE***       The Menorah: There were three articles or furnishings within the Tabernacle of Meeting. From left to right: The Menorah, Lampstand or Candelabra Incense altar The Showbread Table The Lampstand & Oil Exodus. 25:31-40, (Overview Passage) “35  And […]

The Power of the Gospel IX

31 May
Bearing Fruit5

Sunday 05/31/15   Series: The Power of the Gospel IX   Message – The Power to Bear Fruit unto Godliness V.mp3 Click here for the Video   Thorny Heart: Mat 13:22/Luke 8:14  As for what was sown among the thorn bushes, this is the person who listens to the word, but as they go on their […]

The Power of the Gospel III

19 Apr

Sunday 4/19/15   Series: The Power of the Gospel III   Message – The Power of Godliness.mp3   Since Easter we have been looking at the power of the Cross and the Gospel. A simple overview of terms we are directly dealing with are… Eternal Life Righteousness Salvation Godliness Bearing Fruit Last week we finished up […]