Don’t be Chicken!

This is a picture of one of my chickens… (former chickens God rest her little soul). I’m sorry for the graphic nature of the image but it serves to make a point. My nephew moved 8 chickens onto his new property adjacent to mine a few weeks back, and I have become a sort of Shepherd to the “flock”. Every time they see me or hear me whistle they come waddling to me as fast as they can, hoping to receive some edible token of my affection. It’s funny how animals of all sorts can work their way into your […]

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Authority Rebellion

Authority & Rebellion

Wednesday 12/19/18 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Authority & Rebellion – Numbers 15-16 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Authority and Rebellion – Numbers 15-16 Numbers 15-16 Let’s recap…Israel had just begun their journey into the wilderness, having: Left the mountain around which they had spent nearly a year Received the law Built the tabernacle Inaugurating their priests into office. The cloud had lifted and Israel followed God into the wilderness. They had scarcely begun their journey when they arrived at the border of the Land… Promised to them through their forefathers. God had them send 12 spies out into […]

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My Glory

My Glory will fill the earth – Numbers 13-14

Wednesday 12/12/18  Series: Thru the Bible Message – My Glory will fill the earth – Numbers 13-14 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video My Glory will fill the earth – Numbers 13-14 Tonight we are covering Numbers 13 & 14, but before we dive into chapter 13 verse 1 I want us to take a look at two key verses in chapter 14. As I’ve told you before, every so often you run into a passage which unlocks huge portions of scripture and brings to light much of the purposes of God and Numbers 14:20-21 is one of those passages. Let’s […]

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30 Ways to Cook Quail – Numbers 11-12

        Wednesday 11/28/18  Series: Thru the Bible Message – 30 Ways to Cook Quail – Numbers 11-12 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   30 Ways to Cook Quail – Numbers 11-12 Numbers 11 Because it’s been a few weeks and because of the abrupt nature of the beginning of chapter 11, I want to back up and remember where we left off. At the end of chapter 10 Moses shows a prime example of his humility by asking Hobab his brother in law – (Zipporah’s brother and Jethro [or Reuel]’s son])to go with them. Guzik says – […]

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Is Gratitude your Attitude?

        Wednesday 11/20/18  THANKSGIVING Message – Is Gratitude your Attitude [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Is Gratitude your Attitude? Looking at three simple examples of gratitude and what a heart filled with it looks like. Actually one is a “non-example” or an counter-example. Turn to Rom. 1:16-25 Weymouth  “(16) For I am not ashamed of the Good News. It is God’s power which is at work for the salvation of everyone who believes–the Jew first, and then the Gentile.   “God directs his people not simply to worship but to sing his praises ‘before the nations.’ […]

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