Temptation & Christ in you!

    Sunday 09/30/18  Series: For edification Message – Temptations & Christ in You [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     Temptation & Christ in you! This week I really felt lead to use our time together to play “connect the dot” – scripturally speaking. So after a brief review we began the process of drawing all we’ve taught on these subject together. Looking back, we’ve covered SO MUCH material… Temptations Trials Sowing the Seed of the Word in our hearts Being transformed into Christ’s Renewing our minds…etc. …that I felt we needed a time of seeing how all of these […]

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Understanding Temptations and Trials Pt. 1

    Sunday 09/23/18  Series: For edification Message – Understanding Temptations & Trials Pt. 1 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     Understanding Temptation and Trials Turn to James 1 where we were last week So last week we took a look at Temptation, Trials & Testing – describing them as things which test or prove us – our hearts and our trust in God. We determined that… We cannot be tempted beyond our ability to trust & that no temptation – no type or amount of trials is unique to you – 1 Cor. 10:13, “No temptation has overtaken […]

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Count it all Joy

      Sunday 09/16/18  Series: For edification Message – Joy in Temptation [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     Joy in Temptation! Js. 1:1-4 Pray Consider it Great Joy! Happiness is always situational but Joy is ALWAYS rooted in RELATIONSHIP! Whenever you are TOLD to do something in scripture it is often because it is the thing you are MOST UNLIKELY to do without being told. Trial pi ras mos = temptation In the Greek it actually reads more like this… Let temptation lead your minds towards and be the grounds for gladness of heart realizing that this proving […]

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To the Colossians – Christ in you!

    Sunday 09/09/18  Series: For edification Message – To the Colossians – Christ in you! [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     To the Colossians…Christ in you! The letter begins with a salutation Paul seemed to reserve for churches who met certain criteria. While it is not as obvious in other places, Paul seems to associate the ability for Christians to acquire and understand God’s will and wisdom with the genuineness of their faith in Christ AND their active love for all the saints. This is clearly stated both here and in Ephesians, though it is hinted at in […]

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Being Filled with the Spirit Pt. 4

    Sunday 09/02/18  Series: For edification Message – Being Filled with the Spirit Pt. 4 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Being Filled with the Spirit Things we’ve learned about ‘Being Filled with the Spirit’ Being Filled is to be influence and under the control of the Holy Spirit (led by Him, guided by Him, driven and motivated by Him) Being Filled leads us to “Speak HIS WORDS” Being Filled causes us to feel what He feels and respond as he responds. Baby leaped Elizabeth rejoiced Your loved one hurts you, your heart wells up in compassion for them, […]

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