To the Colossians – Christ in you!

    Sunday 09/09/18  Series: For edification Message – To the Colossians – Christ in you! [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     To the Colossians…Christ in you! The letter begins with a salutation Paul seemed to reserve for churches who met certain criteria. While it is not as obvious in other places, Paul seems to associate the ability for Christians to acquire and understand God’s will and wisdom with the genuineness of their faith in Christ AND their active love for all the saints. This is clearly stated both here and in Ephesians, though it is hinted at in […]

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Being Filled with the Spirit Pt. 4

    Sunday 09/02/18  Series: For edification Message – Being Filled with the Spirit Pt. 4 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Being Filled with the Spirit Things we’ve learned about ‘Being Filled with the Spirit’ Being Filled is to be influence and under the control of the Holy Spirit (led by Him, guided by Him, driven and motivated by Him) Being Filled leads us to “Speak HIS WORDS” Being Filled causes us to feel what He feels and respond as he responds. Baby leaped Elizabeth rejoiced Your loved one hurts you, your heart wells up in compassion for them, […]

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Son of Man

Son of Man – By Request

      Wednesday 05/09/18  Message – Son of Man Series: By Request [powerpress] ***Video is HERE*** {PDF – on 70 weeks of Daniel} Son of Man The importance of this phrase is that it is used by Jesus concerning Himself throughout His earthly ministry. In fact I’ve heard from those who would know and who I trust that it was Jesus’ favorite appellation. Out of the 87 times it appears in the New Testament – 83 are coming from Jesus about Himself. Now, this is confusing to us because the phrase sounds as if it is making an over-reference to […]

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Wrapping up

Dedication of the Priests & Temple

      Wednesday 04/25/18  Message – Dedication of the Priests & Temple Series: Thru the Bible – Exodus [powerpress] ***Video is HERE*** [NOTE: This image of the Ark of the Covenant and the altered versions used in our featured image, albumart and below is called Arca da Aliança de Deus and is being used by the contribution and courtesy of Fernando Shoiti Schatzmann from Suzano, Brasil, a user and contributor to Wikimedia Commons. Use of this picture is by permission and DOES NOT imply agreement with this message and/or associated article.]   Priestly Garments: [The video below is on YouTube and should be […]

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What the Bible says about Gender Part 3

    Sunday 04/22/18  Series: What the Bible says about Gender Message – What the Bible says about Gender Pt. 3 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Handout PDF   What the Bible says about Gender We reviewed our handouts from last week and enjoyed a time of open discussion before proceeding in our messages. This link is to that segment of the service which I separated from the whole…Open Discussion Time. Go over the Handout sheets Now to the Old Testament, upon which all New Testament doctrines concerning the genders come. Sovereignty of Father’s & Husbands Num. 30:1-16, “(1) Then […]

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