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Faith is a topic which is widely misunderstood. This is largely due to it’s being treated like a religious topic or a “tool” to manipulate circumstances and ultimately God to make our own lives more satisfying.

Any Biblical idea which has been stripped of its relational context is doomed to mislead people in the end.

Faith is nothing more that relational, whole-hearted trust placed in God as a RESULT of Him taking the initiative to reveal Himself to us in any area of our live. The trust we place in Him, initiates from Him. As He reveals Who He is to us, the heart response of trusting Him to be Who He reveals Himself to be is what faith is – nothing less and nothing more.

What does it mean to believe?

20 Oct

        Believe…what does it mean to believe? John 3:16-17, “(16) For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (17) For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that […]

The God of Jacob – Genesis 47-50

27 Sep

Jacob   Wednesday 09/27/17  Message – The God of Jacob Series: Thru the Bible – Genesis 47-50 ***Video is HERE***   The God of Jacob Genesis 47-48 (We just read and commented) Chapter 49 – Jacob’s prophetic word over his sons Vs 3-4 Reuben As 1st born Reuben had certain rights of inheritance, but these he […]

Canaan to Goshen – Genesis 42-46

20 Sep

    Wednesday 09/20/17  Message – From Canaan to Goshen Series: Thru the Bible – Genesis 42-46 ***Video is HERE***   From Canaan to Goshen Chapter 42 Jacob expected his sons to be proactive – “Why are you just staring at one another? Go to Egypt and buy us some food!” All the brothers except Benjamin […]

Joseph: Dreamer, Servant, Prophet, Ruler – Genesis 39-41

31 Aug
Joseph - Dreamer - Prophet

    Wednesday 08/30/17  Message – Joseph: Dreamer, Servant, Prophet, Ruler Series: Thru the Bible – Genesis 39-41 ***Video is HERE***   Joseph: Dreamer, Servant, Prophet, Ruler Chapter 39 Joseph was purchased as a household servant by Potiphar. Potiphar means either, “He whom Ra gave” or “Devoted to the Sun”. So in Egyptian thinking this was […]

Deadly Deceit – Genesis 37-38

23 Aug
Deadly - deceit - Joseph

    Wednesday 08/23/17  Message – Deadly Deceit Series: Thru the Bible – Genesis 37-38 ***Video is HERE***   Deadly Deceit Chapter 37 Joseph at 17 tended sheep with his brothers. Favoritism continues in this bloodline There’s something more to it than Joseph being the son of his old age because that was also true of […]