Israel’s Festivals were Rehearsals – Leviticus 23

      Wednesday 09/05/18  Message – Israel’s Festivals were Rehearsals – Leviticus 23 Series: Thru the Bible [powerpress] ***Video is HERE***   Israel’s Festivals were Rehearsals – Leviticus 23 First off, it is NOT my intention nor desire to dive deep into the Ancient Jewish calendar system, but some basics are necessary and helpful as we study the Bible and so I will attempt to confine most of our learning to those parts which are necessary to help understand calendar related events as mentioned in the Bible. Their calendar was a lunisolar calendar. This basically means that the days […]

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Psalm 31

For Edification: Psalm 31

  Wednesday 08/29/18  Message – For Edification: Psalm 31 Series: Thru the Bible [powerpress] ***Video is HERE***   Psalm 31 Jamieson-Fausset & Brown The prayer of a believer in time of deep distress. In the first part, cries for help are mingled with expressions of confidence. Then the detail of griefs engrosses his attention, till, in the assurance of strong but submissive faith, he rises to the language of unmingled joyful trust and exhorts others to like love and confidence towards God. Psa 31:1-24 NKJV Many Psalms are clearly written in the past tense, reflecting back on events of need […]

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Friends of God or Friends of the World

    Sunday 07/22/18  Series: For edification Message – Friends of God or Friends of the World [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     Last week we were talking about Living in the Light of TRUE Grace, We ended with 2 examples of Modern Christianity being taught and lived IN THE DARK and NOT in the Light of God’s grace. One was a Hillsong’s New York Campus church trying to be “‘gay welcoming” without being gay affirming and attempting thereby to sidestep the sticky issue of compromising their convictions. And I am not trying to paint this church black – […]

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Children of Light

    Sunday 07/08/18  Series: For edification Message – Children of Light [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     Last week we looked at Eph. 5:1-10 at learned that… We talked about applied learning skills…and applied it to Eph. 5:1 which is the shortcut to living out the point of the entire chapter – in fact, the whole letter to the Ephesian believers. We are to be imitators of God AS dear children. That duplication of His character was the goal of the christian life (A.K.A. – Light of the World, Christ in us, Hope of Glory, Fruit bearers…etc.) That […]

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Dear Children

    Sunday 07/01/18  Series: For edification Message – Dear Children [powerpress] Click HERE for Video     Since the start of the year we have been talking about “Equipping the saints for ministry work”. We’ve done this through teaching on the gifts, their expressions in and outside of the church, edifying our siblings in Christ and becoming skilled at receiving edification ourselves. Please turn to Ephesians 5. Last week we were in Ephesians 4 and learned 10 different things concerning the gifts of God’s grace and its impact on our v fruit bearing in our time there. This week […]

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