Honor Authority

Honor & Authority – Thru the Bible

Wednesday 01/02/19 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Honor & Authority – Numbers 17-18 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Honor & Authority – Thru the Bible Numbers 17-18 Numbers 17 HCSB “(1) The LORD instructed Moses: (2) “Speak to the Israelites and take one staff from them for each ancestral house, 12 staffs from all the leaders of their ancestral houses. Write (probably carve or engrave) each man’s name on his staff. (3) Write Aaron’s name on Levi’s staff, because there must be one staff for the head of each ancestral house. (4) Then place them in the tent of meeting in […]

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Authority Rebellion

Authority & Rebellion

Wednesday 12/19/18 Series: Thru the Bible Message – Authority & Rebellion – Numbers 15-16 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video Authority and Rebellion – Numbers 15-16 Numbers 15-16 Let’s recap…Israel had just begun their journey into the wilderness, having: Left the mountain around which they had spent nearly a year Received the law Built the tabernacle Inaugurating their priests into office. The cloud had lifted and Israel followed God into the wilderness. They had scarcely begun their journey when they arrived at the border of the Land… Promised to them through their forefathers. God had them send 12 spies out into […]

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My Glory

My Glory will fill the earth – Numbers 13-14

Wednesday 12/12/18  Series: Thru the Bible Message – My Glory will fill the earth – Numbers 13-14 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video My Glory will fill the earth – Numbers 13-14 Tonight we are covering Numbers 13 & 14, but before we dive into chapter 13 verse 1 I want us to take a look at two key verses in chapter 14. As I’ve told you before, every so often you run into a passage which unlocks huge portions of scripture and brings to light much of the purposes of God and Numbers 14:20-21 is one of those passages. Let’s […]

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Census & Duties – Numbers 1-3

      Wednesday 10/24/18  Message – Census & duties – Numbers 1-3 Series: Thru the Bible [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Census & Duties – Numbers 1-3 Numbers Chapter 1   Believe it or not all that we just read in Exodus and Leviticus ALL took place in the first year of their wilderness wanderings. The first month Nisan (or Abbib) they celebrated passover from the 10th to the 21st (in the paschal lamb and the 7 days of eating unleavened bread). So Numbers begins with God talking to Moses in the Tabernacle of meeting on the first […]

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God Doesn’t Grade on a Curve

    Wednesday 08/22/18  Message – God doesn’t grade on a curve Series: Thru the Bible [powerpress] ***Video is HERE***   Leviticus 21-22 Main Points: Lev. 21 Vs. 1-4 – Not be become ceremonially unclean except for immediate relatives and a single sister Vs. 5 –  The superstitious marks of sorrow, (baldness and cuttings) as well as the violent excesses in which the heathen indulged at the death of their friends, were forbidden by a general law to the Hebrew people (Lev. 19:28). But the priests were to be laid under a special injunction, not only that they might exhibit […]

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