Branches – John 15

      Sunday 11/04/18  Series: For Edification Message – Branches – John 15 [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Branches Last week worked through James 1:15-18 which says, (15) Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin (EVIL FRUIT – PROOF of UNION), and when sin is finished, it brings forth death. (16) Don’t be deceived, my dearly loved brothers. (17) Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning. (18) By His own choice, He gave us […]

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Levites, Laws & Nazirites – Numbers 4-6

      Wednesday 10/31/18  Message – Levites, Laws & Nazirites – Numbers 4-6 Series: Thru the Bible [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Levites, Laws & Nazirites – Numbers 4-6 Chapter 4 As I told you last week I got a little ahead of myself in that I covered the duties of the Levites and Priests last week. I only left a few things out so those are the things I will cover from chapter 4. As you will remember the tribe of Levi was divided into the three major families. That of  of Kohath, Gershon and Merari. They […]

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Producing the Righteousness of God

      Sunday 10/28/18  Series: For Edification Message – Producing the Righteousness of God [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Producing the Righteousness of God Last week we learned about seeds and fruit bearing, learning about it from both the positive… When you take that planted WORD (that thought, that suggestion, that influence) and think on it – set your mind or affections on it – it will have all the fuel it needs to grow and produce! If it is a Word from God – it will produce LIFE – UNION with God and bearing His likeness. If […]

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Census & Duties – Numbers 1-3

      Wednesday 10/24/18  Message – Census & duties – Numbers 1-3 Series: Thru the Bible [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Census & Duties – Numbers 1-3 Numbers Chapter 1   Believe it or not all that we just read in Exodus and Leviticus ALL took place in the first year of their wilderness wanderings. The first month Nisan (or Abbib) they celebrated passover from the 10th to the 21st (in the paschal lamb and the 7 days of eating unleavened bread). So Numbers begins with God talking to Moses in the Tabernacle of meeting on the first […]

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Laying hold of

      Sunday 10/21/18  Series: For edification Message – Laying Hold of [powerpress] Click HERE for Video   Laying hold of Last week we addressed the need for desire. That desire is NOT bad in and of itself. In fact, desire is intrinsically good! Ours is a journey of desire – but the source of our desires and the source of our fulfillment can lead us to death rather than life. God used this reasoning with Israel? Why did Israel leave me – was I an empty well to you? Why are you spending money for what will not […]

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