Wrapping up Leviticus – Leviticus 24-27





Wednesday 09/12/18 

Message – Wrapping up Leviticus – Leviticus 24-27

Series: Thru the Bible

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Wrapping up Leviticus – Leviticus 24-27

24:1-4 – The Lamps

Aaron was to tent the Menorah with pure olive oil brought from the Israelites.

5-9 – Showbread

12 loaves made with four quarts of flour, arranged in two rows of 6 each on the pure gold table, with frankincense near each row as a memorial portion for the bread and a fire offering to the Lord this was to be done every Sabbath. It was a perpetual covenant obligation on the part of the Israelite and belongs to Aaron and his sons who eat it in the Holy Place.

10-16 – Punishment for Blasphemy

Death – the whole community is to be involved in stoning them.

17-23 –  Eye for an eye

(except an animal – then restitution must be made)

25:1-7 – Sabbath  Year

The land was to have rest every 7th year.

  • No reaping for selling, but gathering what you and your family & servants need daily ONLY.
  • Animals can eat of it too.

8-22 – Jubilee

Count 7 Sabbatic years (7×7 – 29) sounding a trumpet loudly on the Day of Atonement – the 50th year is Jubilee – same rules apply. Everyone is to return to their own land and possessions. IF land was sold since the last Jubilee – it’s value was set on the remaining HARVESTS until the next Jubilee. It was like leasing out property for use as farmland – but on the 50th year it returned to its original owner. This was done to maintain the land that was appointed to each tribe by lot when they settled in the promised land.

This and the Sabbath year were VERY important and came with both warnings and blessings:

Lev 25:18-22 HCSB “You are to observe My statutes and ordinances and carefully observe them, so that you may live securely in the land. (19) Then the land will yield its fruit, so that you can eat, be satisfied, and live securely in the land. (20) If you wonder: ‘What will we eat in the seventh year if we don’t sow or gather our produce?’ (21) I will appoint My blessing for you in the sixth year, so that it will produce a crop sufficient for three years. (22) When you sow in the eighth year, you will be eating from the previous harvest. You will be eating this until the ninth year when its harvest comes in.”

23-34 –  Land belongs to God, you are it’s stewards

This one was easier to simply read, so…

Lev 25:23-34 HCSB “The land is not to be permanently sold because it is Mine, and you are only foreigners and temporary residents on My land. (24) You are to allow the redemption of any land you occupy. (25) If your brother becomes destitute and sells part of his property, his nearest relative may come and redeem what his brother has sold. (26) If a man has no family redeemer, but he prospers and obtains enough to redeem his land, (27) he may calculate the years since its sale, repay the balance to the man he sold it to, and return to his property. (28) But if he cannot obtain enough to repay him, what he sold will remain in the possession of its purchaser until the Year of Jubilee. It is to be released at the Jubilee, so that he may return to his property. (29) “If a man sells a residence in a walled city, his right of redemption will last until a year has passed after its sale; his right of redemption will last a year. (30) If it is not redeemed by the end of a full year, then the house in the walled city is permanently transferred to its purchaser throughout his generations. It is not to be released on the Jubilee. (31) But houses in villages that have no walls around them are to be classified as open fields. The right to redeem such houses stays in effect, and they are to be released at the Jubilee. (32) “Concerning the Levitical cities, the Levites always have the right to redeem houses in the cities they possess. (33) Whatever property one of the Levites can redeem–a house sold in a city they possess–must be released at the Jubilee, because the houses in the Levitical cities are their possession among the Israelites. (34) The open pastureland around their cities may not be sold, for it is their permanent possession.”

35-46 – No slavery for Israelites – (even if a brother becomes poor and “sells” himself to you – he is a hired hand NOT a salve). He may remain so until Jubilee.

Israelites are MY slaves – NOT yours – since I purchased them from Egyptian bondage.

Foreigners living in Israel could be purchased as property – but no one was to be treated harshly.

47-55 – Foreigners may help poor Israelites by hiring them on as help – but cannot “own them” and they are ALWAYS redeemable. A fair price MUST be paid based on the remaining years until Jubilee.


Lev. 26:1-13 Blessings for Obedience and Punishment for disobedience

Only worship God and obey His sabbaths…

    • Rain, sun, harvest, protection from enemies, NO dangerous animals & abundant harvests GUARANTEED!
    • Five will pursue 100 and 100 10,0000


  • “How could one man pursue a thousand, or two put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, unless the LORD had given them up?” – Deut. 32:30


(This is a lot like James 4 – hostility – enmity)

If NOT….if you reject My statutes and despise My ordinances and break covenant…

  • Bring Terror – wasting disease
  • Cause your harvests to be stolen by your enemies
  • You will be defeated and run when no one is pursuing you

If after this you will not turn to me I will punish you 7x’s for your sins – breaking down your strong pride.

  • You will labor in vain
  • Wild animals
  • Ravage your livestock
  • Reduce your numbers
  • Lower your provisions

If still you will not return – I will act with furious hostility towards you…

  • Cause you to be so hungry you would gladly eat your own children
  • I will destroy your high places and incense altars
  • Heap up your dead bodies
  • Scatter you among the nations
  • Place anxiety in your hearts who survive in captivity
    • While you are captive my land will enjoy it’s Sabbaths – making up for what was not observed

Lev 26:39-46 HCSB “(39) Those who survive in the lands of your enemies will waste away because of their sin; they will also waste away because of their fathers’ sins along with theirs. (40) “But if they will confess their sin and the sin of their fathers–their unfaithfulness that they practiced against Me, and how they acted with hostility toward Me, (41) and I acted with hostility toward them and brought them into the land of their enemies–and if their uncircumcised hearts will be humbled, and if they will pay the penalty for their sin, (42) then I will remember My covenant with Jacob. I will also remember My covenant with Isaac and My covenant with Abraham, and I will remember the land. (43) For the land abandoned by them will make up for its Sabbaths by lying desolate without the people, while they pay the penalty for their sin, because they rejected My ordinances and abhorred My statutes. (44) Yet in spite of this, while they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject or abhor them so as to destroy them and break My covenant with them, since I am the LORD their God. (45) For their sake I will remember the covenant with their fathers, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the nations to be their God; I am the LORD.” (46) These are the statutes, ordinances, and laws the LORD established between Himself and the Israelites through Moses on Mount Sinai.”


Chapter 27 – Vows

  • If you vow a PERSON to the Lord a set value is placed upon their head according to their age and gender and weighed out according to the shekel of the Sanctuary.
    • Exceptions are made for those who are poor and cannot afford the set rate – the priest will set a rate they can afford.
  • This value is in case the one who vowed a slave, or child may redeem them back again with the addition of 1/5th the set value.
    • This was likely done to discourage rash vows.

The same hold true for animals and possessions of harvest and fields.

  • With fields it is valued upon the seed it takes to sow the field.


  • If someone consecrates a field they “purchased”  – the priest calculates the amount of value up to the next Jubilee to be paid by that person on the day of Jubilee and if will then return to it’s original owner.
  • 1st born cannot be consecrated since they already belong to God.
  • Every 10th animal already belongs to God as a tithe
  • A person set apart for death cannot be consecrated nor redeemed – they are to be put to death – Exodus.
  • If someone PERMANENTLY dedicates something to the Lord they must be it’s rightful owner  and it cannot be redeemed – it is permanent and holy to the Lord.

There is more information in the audio/video of the actual message. I hope you listen, learn and enjoy!



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