Death of Abraham & Sarah – Genesis 23-25

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Wednesday 06/14/17 

Message – Death of Abraham & Sarah

Series: Thru the Bible – Genesis 23-25

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 Death of Abraham & Sarah

Chapter 23 – The Death of Sarah

  • Sarah lives a total of 127 years, her death occurring just about 10 before Eber who was part of Babel.
  • Abraham weeps over the death of his wife. Up to this point Abraham has appeared to me much like a barrel-chested brutish man with the demeanor of a cowboy…swagger and all, but this chapter reveals another side to this great man. His love for his wife and his reputation among his neighbors tell us much about him.
  • Abraham’s relationship with the Hitties is good.
    • There is mutual respect between them.
    • Abraham is revealed as a man who was honorable and likable.
    • He purchases a field with a cave in which to bury his dead, beginning with Sarah.

Chapter 24

  • Abraham was getting old (by their standards) and so he instructed his most trusted and long-standing servant with the honorable task of finding a wife for his son Isaac in his native land.
  • Abraham is very clear to NOT allow Issac to return there, since his land of inheritance is in Canaan. Abraham did not want his son to be presented with ANY temptation to return.
  • The attitude and actions of  Eliezer (Abraham’s trusted servant) reveal much of his own character as well as that of his master.
    • He was faithful and diligent to perform all Abraham had asked of him.
    • He was unashamed of God (Who he referred to as the God of my Master Abraham).
    • He openly praised and prayed to him in the presence of others.
    • He refused to be comforted even after his long journey until he had spoken to Laban’s household ALL his Master Abraham had appointed him to say.
  • Isaac loved Rebekah and was comforted concerning the death of his mother.

Chapter 25

  • Abraham marries again, a woman named Keturah and has several children with her.
  • Abraham lives long enough for them to grow up and have kids of their own before sending them off to the east laden down with gifts.
  • Isaac is Abraham’s only heir to the covenant and so gives everything his owns to him before he died.
  • Abraham’s death was at 175 years of age. He was buried in the cave he purchased from the Hitties. Ishmael even came with Isaac to bury their father.
  • Ishmael’s death was at 137 years. He had 12 sons who all became princes.
  • His children settled from Havilah to Shur (near Egypt) all the way to Assyria.

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